Redécider la prise de décision avec l’apport des neurosciences (interview en anglais de David Rock)

Dans cette interview du Club Consulting & Coaching de HEC Alumni, j’interviewe David Rock, co-fondateur & président du NeuroLeadership Institute et auteur du best-seller « Your Brain at Work » traduit en français chez Dunod sous le titre « Votre Cerveau au Bureau ».

David Rock – Interview HEC Alumni

During this interview with David, we will address different questions

  • What are your thoughts about decision-making?
  • How does power impact decision-making, and what can we do about it?
  • What is specific about executive decision-making?
  • Could you share more on decision-making?
  • What do you think about Malcom Gladwell’s « Blink » decisions?
  • How do you model decision-making?
  • Why is the brain considered to be poorly built for decision-making?
  • So cognitive biases, as a lot of our capacities, are context related?
  • Research is mainly focused on how not to make poor decisions. How do you make great decisions?
  • What decisive neuroscience studies do you recommend?
  • I know you are a pilot. What can we learn from your experience?
  • A last thought?